Life in a Dollhouse

April 14, 2010
By mattsmith GOLD, Cedar City, Utah
mattsmith GOLD, Cedar City, Utah
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All up and over the phone there is someone,
He looks rather lonely, why don’t you go over?
Take the hacksaw to bed, and wonder why everybody,
Is staring for so long
Why don’t you go over?

Its life in a dollhouse
Such a labor
Grab the scissors for one more snippier
Cut the plastic from their heads
Make them better
Like figures in a dream

Life in a Dollhouse is such a tragic end
To such a beautiful life of paper photos
Revolving doors and teleprompters

Grab the scissors
He looks lonely
Take the hacksaw and do him in
Like he would do to you
While the children are watching you
Looking down on you
Life in a Dollhouse is so lonely

So many mistakes to lead us to sorrow
So many transgressions lead us to wallow
In a summer dress ,no. Why? Its autumn
You can’t choose at all
You can’t speak at all
They choose for you all

Tired of hearing the snoring
That ends every morning
Feeling the ice on the back of your head
Growing in tension, defining suspension
Plotting a maiming
In a dollhouse

So tired of his paper attire
So tired of his plastered on smile
The hacksaw is waiting
In the bedroom of a dollhouse

So get the lonely
As the children gather
Set the fire
Burn the rubber attached to his face
The children are screaming
At the dollhouse

The author's comments:
Very demented. This was written as a experiment when I was sixteen.

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