In the Milkyway

April 14, 2010
Every once in a while,
When the universe decides to rest itself
Upon my shoulders,
I wonder what it would be like if
I fell asleep, and never woke up.

I wonder what would happen if
I cried,
And cried,
And cried,
Would they hear me?

Every once in a while,
When all the problems
In my head
My heart
My chest,
Decide to grow,
And I feel that I will certainly crumble
Into nothingness,
A nothingness that no one would see.
Would they notice?

Every once in a while,
When I am certain
I can’t take it anymore
I wish I could take a deep

And hold it.

Until everything was gone,
Until my head
And my heart
And my chest,
Stop growing,
And shrink,
Into nonexistence.

And then,
When I breathe out,
In that breath will go
The universe
The throbbing in my head

And I will collapse
And I will

I will sleep,
And never wake up.
No more

No more problems.

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