Pour Me A Glass of Success

April 13, 2010
I am interested in figuring out where my potential lies.
These days,
I feel that it's more necessary to branch out my name for success.
Yet I am only eighteen years old,
My heart is still so young,
How could I know what I'm doing is right?
How do I truly know anything is right?
I can't know, really,
and we all know that it's the bold truth written
directly across the sky for all to lay their eyes.
We all know where we must go, but,
we don't know what the future holds for us.
That's the scary part about it!
Why can't I know?
Why can't it be like a video game?
Why can't I save before I continue to take a risk,
and if it didn't meet my demands,
why can't I go back to where I left off and redo the same risk in a different way?
It's not fair,
life is cruel to us all,
yet why do we live then?
To always know?
To learn and to go with the flow,
at least that' s what I think is so.
Sorry for the rhyming, but,
I can't help it at times.
I don't sit and think up the right words to use, really,
I just type whatever comes to mind.
I don't know what I am going to say,
I just say it.
I feel as though there is no better way to live,
for I have tried others,
and it didn't satisfy my life how I thought it would.
I follow an invisible path with a blindfold over my eyes.
We all do it, I think,
unless we're over careful to not take too many extremities.
But why the hell not?
Why not live until you can't live anymore?
I don't regret when I spend money I am supposed to be saving,
I don't regret the decisions I made that later ruined my accomplishments
because it brought me a once in a lifetime satisfaction I'll never be able to relive.
Yet, the difference is that I take responsibility for what I f*** up and I work to make it better.
So, yes I agree with living it up,
but I will fix my mistakes if it didn't reach my expected outcome.
I am capable of many things because I believe it so strongly in my heart.
I just have this deep passion inside of me that screams out for attention.
There is something special about me that soon the whole world will see,
and so will I,
and it's coming along quicker than I had imagined.
This growing up life process.
But, yet,
I feel tears spring into my eyes because I am so happy to be where I am right now.
From everything I have accomplished in my young eighteen years of life.
It may not be much to others if I were to show a powerpoint flashback,
but to me,
It means more than the world could with a side of a thousand dollars.
Nothing means more than knowing I've made it to where I am.
To being a graduate because...
Now I can begin researching who I am.
Now I have the power to define me as a whole,
and to show my world what I can accomplish without f***ing up.
To live out my name and create a fame-worthy reputation!
It's my destiny and my dream to be a artist,
and I will show the world what I can achieve.

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