April 13, 2010
By Lyndalalyrical BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
Lyndalalyrical BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Not if I can stand a thousand times never will you leave my side.

How do I know I love you?
Because when you hold me,
My eyes get opened to an entirely new world.
When you kiss me,
I feel light in my head,
Heavy on my feet,
I get weak in the knees,
and want to fall asleep.
When you constantly ask me,
"Why won't you come home with me?"
And the response is always the same,
I know I am in love with you,
because you'll always be the one to blame,
When a smile crosses my face.

I wipe my tears on your shoulder when I'm in pain,
You soothe me,
You know exactly what to do to make it right.
I run my hand through your hair when we lie together,
And I hear small gestures of comfort.
I love to make you happy,
seeing the satisfaction in your eyes,
It fills my heart with wonder.
You're everything against my expectations,
yet you're just what I wanted.
You measure up to my unmet expectations perfectly,
And for the first time meeting them,
I feel that you're all I need to be happy.
We make each other strong.
We communicate so well when we try.
You and I are meant to be together,
and I won't have it any other way.
Not if I can stand a thousand times never will you leave my side.

The author's comments:
I cannot hide my inspiration for I am too honest not to say it. This was written about my boyfriend, and it's all from the heart. I was hugging him before he left my house this evening, and the words just flowed from my mind.

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