The Secret to Everything

April 16, 2010
By dopeboymaagic BRONZE, Girdwood, Alaska
dopeboymaagic BRONZE, Girdwood, Alaska
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The Secret to Everything

I push open the screen door that separates me and that other world and I start down the street in the general direction of the direction I’m going. My slightly to large nikes making a pitter-patter rhythm in an exact replica of the timing of my steps. Grassy fields covered in glassy crystals surround me, stretching as far as the next house. I have a soundtrack playing, its labeled “track 15” by “unknown artist”. It seems to fit perfectly. I lose the fight with myself to retain reality and an unstoppable flow of thoughts consumes my mind. I regain a controlled consciousness to find that, though I am in the same place and time, the sun has surrendered to the moon. I gaze skyward and stare at the tiny jewels illuminated against the dark canvass of the night. Caught in mid stare, my thoughts take control once more and I think, maybe stars are not fiery balls of gas after all. Maybe stars are holes in the sky and what we see is heaven pouring thru. Maybe the Creator was taunting us, placing a sneak preview in plain sight but just out of reach. The secret to everything, which I would die for an answer to (which is the only probable way of discovering the answer), I know will never be revealed to me, not in this life anyways. But we can question and we can ponder and to me, that is a comfort in of its self. The violent caress of the wind splashes my senses back to this world, my mental awakening, moving at the speed of light, seems to take longer then love. I have enjoyed this exploration of possibilities but the ties of human nature beg me to return. So I pick myself up and follow my feet back home.

The author's comments:
When i gaze at the stars i seem to forget, so everything starts to make a little more sense.

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