April 16, 2010
By raechelle PLATINUM, Guthrie, Oklahoma
raechelle PLATINUM, Guthrie, Oklahoma
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the way that i see it, if you want the rainbow, you must first put up with the rain.

I try so hard to be perfect,and nobody will understand..
i'll be there for them,but their gone when i need a helping hand..
I dont know whos telling the truth..
or whos lieing to my face,sometimes i feel like its all my fault..
Like im nothing but a disgrace,Im about to turn 15..
but i already have big dreams..,,everyone says it will get better..
but thats not what it seems.,i try to hold on..
and i try to be strong,but every decision i make..
has to turn out wrong,sometimes when i dream..
everythings okay,but then i wake up..
and cant make it through the day,whats my purpose in life?..
becasue right now i cant tell,will i ever start to be happy?..
or will i continue to live in hell?I NEED HELP!I NEED YOU!..
without help,i dont know what to do..
i want to pick up the pieces in my life,and i really want to try..
but that same word keeps popping up in my head,i just want to know WHY..
out of all people why is it me,why am i the one standing on one knee..
please does anyone care,right now i really dont know..
maybe its you who i need in my life,but sometimes you dont show..
maybe i can take your advice,and keep it in my heart..
and picking up those pieces,maybe you can help me start..

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