Life in Flux

April 16, 2010
By Anonymous

days roll by
I don't care if my friends don't talk to me
because I stoppped talking to them
everything will be different once I get back anyways
they will be lazy or will I?
will I have the drive or go by thinking every move that is made is pointless
that is how I feel now
will I be happy to see people or will I regret coming back
I have to graduate
that is it
three classes left oh great
how pointless
I still have to work
but I don't think my replacemnt is ready for the challenge
my room will be there
but I won't have the same things I had before
all alone but not yet?
move on!
im indepentant
i still have my dad
my best friend
i tell him almost everything

my dad will always be there for me
he doesn't do the things I need to have done
yet he is proud of me and tells me when I have done
somehting wrong
he doesn't hid what he thinks
he protects me but lets me know the truth
all my friends will have gone
but he will still be there
he understands me
who could ask for more?
when i get home he isn't there
but I get a text from him every night
saying "good night love you"
in some from or another
I can always count on him
no matter where he is
what he is doing
no matter where I am
or what I am doing
or have done

The author's comments:
this is my feeling and thoughts right before i head off to basic trainning for the army

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