April 15, 2010
By Melissa Morano BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
Melissa Morano BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
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Drip, Drop
Drip, Drop

I sit
on the cold,
colorless ground
just as I've always waited.

I wait,
for the sky
to return to its swirls
of orange and pink
that were cast
over the ocean
during each sunset.

I wait,
for the waves of the sea
to take back
their shades of turquoise.

I wait,
for the sun
to turn the sand gold again.

But I'm sick
of waiting
and tired
of hoping
for something
so pointless.
So I open my eyes
and look out
at the gray world
that lay before me.

As I walk away
the wind whispers to me,
Don't give up. There's still hope.
So I sit back down
and hope
once more.

Drip, Drop
Drip, Drop

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