The Two Roads

April 15, 2010
By Freida SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
Freida SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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"Insanity is in the eye of the beholder"

A cold pebble road
Constructed by the rough hands of man
Dark forests to either side
The wind harsh and unforgiving
This is the path I walk upon

A warm dirt path
Laid out carefully by the earth
Bright colors and gentle sounds
All of which are caressed by the delicate wind
Is the path you are blessed with

You try to convince me that these paths will meet one way or the other
At a bubbling river
Or an open plain

But I know better
Our paths are too far from each other
It is like they are on two different worlds
And they probably are

So don’t give yourself false hopes
And don’t come up with wild fantasies
Because they will all crumble down in the end
I’m sorry for being so blunt
But it is the undeniable truth

I walk a cold, lonely path
You glide alongside love and companionship on yours
So stay over there
And don’t bother trying to find my path
Because you will destroy yourself in the end
And I am not going to let you do that

You promise me a brighter life
A life some would call perfect
And it would be
If I were to be by your side

But I do not want to drag you down
Into depths of unspeakable coldness
So stay on your road
And I will on mine
Please do not tempt me
I love you too much
To risk your happiness

The author's comments:
My Language Arts assignment included me creating my own poem with the same title or theme of one of the poems we read in class.
I used the title, but I have no idea whether or not the theme is the same or similar. I didn't read that poem..

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