I Saw the Smiles

April 15, 2010
By samizzle52 BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
samizzle52 BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
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I Saw the Smiles

I saw the smiles as I was born
The first breath taken
Like emerging out of the sea
Eyes wide
Gasping for air.

Bursts of laughter as I blended
Blended with Them
I settle into her lap
Trying to understand,
Understand reality.

Jumbles of words
Floating from their lips
Did I understand?
Nothing came to my miniature mind.

I looked around
Looked up at the ceiling
Masked men walked in circles
Gazing contently at me.

My next move?
Pray that everything will be fine.

My future ahead of me
Enigma floats through the air
Like a cool breeze on a summer day
Waiting to fill you up.

But it all seemed solved
Figured out
With that smile
That simple smile
As I was born.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by Emily Dickinson with this piece. I realized how special my mom was, after talking about it in class, and I wrote this poem in honor of her.

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