My Savior

April 22, 2010
The forest is dark, trees projecting shadows-
As the sun falls behind the horizon,
I realize I have been gone for hours
Thick clouds hide the crescent moon, darkening all….

The fluffy pillows darken from blue to grey-
The wind begins to whisper…I tighten my coat.
Everything surrounding me, quiet as a grave
Rain begins to descend musically: drip, drop…drip drop

The wind blows harder, it is no longer tame.
It whistles through the trees, leaving some bare-
I hear a malevolent voice call my name…
I feel a pair of piercing eyes on me….

Turning my gaze behind me, I see a figure.
My heart drops with a thunk to my stomach….
His pace increases behind me, no time to linger
My feet begin to run, trying to get away….

He grabs my arm with a strong claw like hand,
and he spins me around to face him….
A breath-taking blow to the stomach,
causes everything around me to go dim

I feel everything around me go in circles
I try to scream, but no voice comes from my mouth
To hear him chuckle is repulsive
My strength begins to wear out….

My numb, weakening body gives up the fight…
And gives in to the monster on top of me
Knowing that my life will end tonight,
gives the vicious creature felicity….

Distant voices travel in the wind,
making my attacker freeze, leaving my clothes intact-
A fist to his face knocks him, putting and end to his sin.
His large body drops to my side….

A frightening scream escapes my lungs
Streams of tears run down my cheeks-
My savior holds me to his chest
His familiar voice calms me, keeps me on my feet

More voices reach my ears,
I hear sirens in the distance.
Heroes in blue uniforms retrieve the limp body
They escort the monster without reluctance

My savior looks into my wide, swollen eyes,
and his strong arms pull me closer to him
All my horrors are evaporated like melting ice-
And my racing heart begins to relax….

I know who he is…he’s not a stranger
He is my love, my life.
The one who I know will save me from any danger
I am living proof of that

My nightmare is finally over
My world is lit once again, full of hope and life.
And I know that with my savior shielding me
Fear is nothing but a shadow that is overcome by light

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