The Man Behind the Blue Eyes

April 22, 2010
By Neeon BRONZE, Everywhere, Wyoming
Neeon BRONZE, Everywhere, Wyoming
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When I close my eyes
You are right there
when they're open
they're open to sadness and fear
when i sleep
you are in my dreams
when i awake
you are not to be seen
i walk to school in a lonley slump
for when i get there
you won't have a care
i get all giddy inside
for now, you are by my side
your eyes are blue
your face is pink
when you laugh
i laugh with you
when i'm around you
i can't speak
for my voice goes to the highest peak
sometimes i wonder
if the man behind the blue eyes
is actually real
i think i like him
how come i can't tell
false from true
my grade start to slip
but when i pray
i pray for him
when i wish
i wish for him
it may sound dumb
but i'm not sure
the questions i ask
the answers i get
all the signs lead to
it's just a crush
it'll be someone new
within a month
but for now
it's just a dream
a dream for reality

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because i was in love this guy... or so i thought i was over him in a month and now i think i found the right guy but who knows!

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