April 22, 2010
By bunnybunbun GOLD, Cresco, Pennsylvania
bunnybunbun GOLD, Cresco, Pennsylvania
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Why do people love the beach?
Is it the sand that caresses your feet?
Or is it the water that washes ashore?
What is it that the people truly adore?
People’s faces full of bliss,
smiling at things that I always miss,
whether dolphins are swimming by,
or a giant wave is crashing nigh.
As the waves continually hiss,
I feel as if I am amiss.

As I watch the people go,
I notice the ocean’s peculiar glow,
which is the sun setting over the blue.
Reds and oranges over the sea,
the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,
makes me wish as if I would never leave.
I look up at the water so blue,
mixing with sand, soft and smooth,
and I realize what people see.

God’s great beauty full of life,
an ocean full of wonder; delight,
whether your swimming or laying on sand,
you think of this place as the heartland.
Where beauty can never be better than this,
I’m glad God gave us such a gift.

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