Do You See Me

April 22, 2010
A way of expression,
to show others who I really am.
I’m not just a girl, or a piece of meat;
Nor am I dumb because I am blonde.
I have a heart, I have a mind, and I can speak.
My heart sometimes crumbles due to uncontrollable
pain,and my mind doesn’t always function,
but my words are true.
When I speak do you listen?
Do you care for what I have to say?
You don’t hear my words;
You’re too busy looking at who I am,
not listening to what I have to say.
Am I nothing to you?
Or am I just another piece of meat?
I write for myself, to state how I feel,
and everyone will listen to me,
because there is no girl behind ink and paper;
Just another page to be read.
Now do you hear me?
Do you see me for who I am?

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