1 Heart Torn Into 2

April 22, 2010
By bunnybunbun GOLD, Cresco, Pennsylvania
bunnybunbun GOLD, Cresco, Pennsylvania
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What do you do?
When 2 guys are on your mind.
When you want both
but know you can only have 1.
2 guys fighting for 1 heart,
while that 1 heart is being torn into 2.
While you watch that heart rip;
tearing at the seams, but you know
you can’t intervene.
So as your heart’s aching and you
will fades away, you slowly think
of ways to permanently end the pain.
So as I lay here crying,
praying for the end to come.
I slowly try to stitch my 2 halves
trying to make them 1.

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