The Unclean Home

April 22, 2010
How can something be elusive when it's right in front of you?
When what you're searching for is in plain sight yet you can't grab hold of it, do you feel like you're dreaming?
Throw your hands in front of you, look at them and feel that elusive dream.
Open your wicked eyes and see the reality of the dire condition you're in.
Clean the dirty mirror and gaze into the eyes that stare back at you.
Step forward into that dusty room, walk on the floor that seems to disappear.
Listen to what your ears receive, pay attention to the words of dread they hear.
Walk through this filthy house and take note of what you see, for this meager dwelling foretells of your foggy future.
Recall what you could never grasp, imagine it never existing?
Would you rather know it's real and not be able to call it your own?
Or would prefer it to never exist in the first place?
See, owning everything you want isn't the healthiest way to live.
Simply acknowledge that you can see that elusive dream and despair not, for you do not own it.

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