A Faithless Journey

April 22, 2010
By Anonymous

“How can you go by everyday,” he said
She was static, just thinking in her bed
“You mean so much to me” she thought
all the happiness he’s brought
It’s hard to say that she’s cheated, but easy to say they’ve become one
How does she live with herself?

She finally said. “You’re my best
friend you know.
There’s a monster in my bed at night
Haunting me, giving me a fright
And it will say to me, ‘There’s a whole world out there, don’t stay in here.’
And sometimes I’ll drop a tear.
and forget about my world, the person that was once near.
How does she live with herself?

And the times I’ve missed you
It’s not that easy you see
To stay true through all my blue.
I am unsure what I want, who I am to be
To you I didn’t want to be just a trophy to be displayed on your shelf
You’ve become too important to myself
How does she live with herself?

My soul has become bounded in the limits of yours
And I think this is what true love really is, maybe more
The things I’ve done, although I desire, can never take back.”
How does she live with herself?

Her stomach felt as if it were shrinking
Getting smaller, squeezing in
An unearthly liquid was draining through her neck her
head felt like a balloon, numb;
filled with gas.
How does she live with herself?

If someone smashed her fingers no feeling would arise
For they have ceased sending signals of what is going on
They’re dead and they’ve died.
How do I live with myself?

The author's comments:
Emotions of a love gone wrong enspired this piece.

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