The Beauty of the Color Orange

April 22, 2010
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I need You now.
My head pounds like a drum
My lungs unable to grasp the air
I so desperately need.
The air in the room is brisk, sharp
Too thin to pull it down into my body and
Make me feel alive.

I need You now.
I am desperate for the warmth;
The swirl of oranges and yellows,
That stem from the core of my very soul
Are long gone now.

I need You now.
I look down to the cold, hard counter
Littered with the empty bottles
The tiny white tablets beg for me
To swallow them whole, to let them
Take me down.

I need You now.
There are so many churning inside me
A lulling fuzz starts to overtake me
I am tingling and then
The warmth comes and the tiny room
Begins to spin oranges and yellows
More beautiful than what was inside of me
And more striking than any sunset

And I don’t need You now.

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