Just Know

April 21, 2010
But before I am off,
In a classic sunset
Pacing my way through reds and pinks
Leaving my audience’s hearts to sink;

But before they get me,
In the pitch of this night,
And stake me for my blood to show black
And finish me, unable to look back

But before I regret this,
As the dim sun shows itself
And lets me see you look so good in blue
And chokes me, my necklace of wishes and you

Before you know it
As I start forever anew
And decide that this pain is quite enough
And shed my predilections to discover love;

Before I sit here
Bored and stuffed
With memories that mean nothing to you
And leave me only with nothing from you

Before I think about it
Anymore than I should
Just know that this fractured, scarlet battle,
Was something anyone has never handled.

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