The Latent Flame

April 21, 2010
She blinks once, and
Her brown eyes disclose no
Feeling, no
They lay stolid. In the sockets,
They remain still, but she proceeds to

Blink twice,
And widens,
To reveal a nascent

A flicker
Gleams in the liquid ebony of her expanding pupil,
Swelling, making room for a brighter

Of embers
That slowly dwindle,
Only to leave but a subtle trace of their existence.

Her eyes close, and
They betray no single
Thought, no
And no concerns are evident. In their endless depths,
They are impervious to the feelings swimming beneath them, but she

Blinks thrice,
And her lids recede,
Then emerges a growing

A flash
Shimmers in the emptiness of their insipid russet hue,
Thriving, illuminating to become the burning

Of determination
That never fades.

And so the latent flame is set ablaze.

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stubborn411 said...
Jan. 5, 2011 at 6:16 pm
Very nice. I like how you used words and it didn;t sound like a bad shakespeare. Keep it up.
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