Words May Never Hurt Me

April 21, 2010
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I Am Under Attack.
by the words inside my head.
The ones I shouldn't have spoken,
and ones that needed to be said.
They bombard away, irritate.
They launch themselves into my mind
and fester old wounds that should be forgotten.
They want to be screamed,
so they sit on my tongue and hang on my throat.
They choke the life out of me,
the words won't let me breathe.
I speak so much and so little at the same time.
I've tried to keep quiet but the words won't go away.
They beg and plead to be released,
ask of me to set them free.
Who am i to deny their undying need?
These words, these words.
Harmless speeches.
Tyranical tirades.
Prestigious homilies.
They burn, they slurr, they stand up straight.
I hurt and ache for these words and undoubtedly unleash hurt upon others.
The words that once suffocated me,
My words- they poison you.
I wait and wait for the dire need to speak and breathe to go away,
hoping that they'll leave me alone and let me rest,
but they never do.
They tear me to pieces each letter at a time.

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