Love Drunk

April 21, 2010
By Hush1 GOLD, Immokalee, Florida
Hush1 GOLD, Immokalee, Florida
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loving you so much has gotten me
not myself.
You are my alcohol
loving you makes me drunk.
Love Drunk
makes my head spin
makes my stomach turn.
A seasick feeling that doesnt go
deep in the pit of my stomach is the location.
But it's a good feeling,
it goes away when you are around.
You are my antidote,
my medicine, that never goes bad.
Love Drunk
you make me feel this way,
which i love.
The way you hold my hand,
the two different temperatures of them collide,
but they become one.
Fire,that is you,
and Ice, that is me.
Love Drunk
when we hug,
we are two magnets attracted to
each other,
not wanting to break away.
The attraction way too strong to break.
Love Drunk
and when we kiss,
its like time stops itself.
Like two different puzzle pieces
put together,
automatically become one.
It's a magical thing that takes my breath away,
leaving me breathless and dizzy.
Love Drunk
you make me feel this way,
which i love.
Love Drunk!

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