Today I Wasn't

April 19, 2010
By CourtneySmilesInTheRain SILVER, Fairmont, West Virginia
CourtneySmilesInTheRain SILVER, Fairmont, West Virginia
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He saw me today.
Nobody ever sees me.
Especially boys.
They just seem to look past me.
As if I'm invisable.
But today I wasn't.
He looked at me.
He talked to me.
He told me sweetness.
He was kind.
Then he just left me.
Gave me hope then left me.
I wish he would've just left me alone.
It hurts so much more when you've known it.
I was better off not knowing.
What it was like for a boy to notice you.
It puts a funny feeling in your tummy.
It makes your thoughts cluttered.
It puts a smile on your face.
Now its gone.
I had it and its gone.
Why couldn't he just stay?
Why couldn't he befriend me?
Why couldn't he love me?

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