The Butterfly

April 19, 2010
Once, I owned this caterpillar.
It was white, orange, and yellow.
It was slow and shy, much like I was.
I loved that caterpillar.
It was the only one that would listen.
Maybe that was because he couldn't talk back.
I didn't have many friends.

One day, I walked into my room.
I couldn't find him.
All that was in the tank was a little sack-like thing.
It hung from the top of the tank.
Mom explained as a caccoon.
He made one so he could grow-up.
He made it so he could become beautiful.

Mom told me that we were moving a few weeks later.
I would be starting high school somewhere else.
A clean slate.
I didn't know if I could do it.
All those kids staring at me.
I'll be the new girl.
The weird kid.

On the day we were moving, the caccoon was broken.
A beautiful butterfly was left in its place.
Mom told me that we should set him free.
Creatures like him are meant to be free.
They are creatures that need no walls.
So we set him free.

I told myself that I was going to be different too.
I wasn't going to act like i did in the past.
A transformation, just like my butterfly.
He from slow and shy, to beautiful and free.
Me from slow and shy, to beautiful and care-free.

I took a deep breath as I walked through the doors.
The very first day of high school.
And it was great.

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