the drummer

April 18, 2010
By noahgc BRONZE, Park City, Utah
noahgc BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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You feel the tremble of it.

The halacious rhythm, his

face inscribed with concentration.

His hands moving faster
than light itself. Pounding
with terrifying intensity.

The whole world feels as
if it is going to disintegrate
from the power.

He feels the
rhythm as if it is
apart of him. His whole body
in sync with ......


He sees, feels, and
hears nothing but the
ferocious beat. He is lost,
it is almost as if he is the drums,

Slowly he molds.
His head turns as red as the
tom toms. His feet are buzzing
against the foot pedal.

They are gone as well.
All that is left is the base of his body.
His body molds into the
snare and hi hat. His arms remain.
Drum sticks are flying but there is
no bearer.

they fall to the ground, but the Rhythm remains, as it will ETERNALLY.

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