Planetary Love

April 18, 2010
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in relation to gravity,
we have
not an optional,
but a required attraction
to other objects with mass.
the greater the mass,
the larger the force of attraction.
even the earth is attracted to you.
i now understand the correlation between dinner and dates.
so the next time you say to me
“let’s go for a walk”
i will say
instead stay in with me,
order chinese
pizzas stacked to the ceiling.
eat with me until we both have gained
hundreds and hundreds of pounds:
until we can no longer move.
then keep eating.
keep eating until we have enough mass
to pull us together.
then, no force of nature
no force of man
can remove us from each other,
and if someone dares to try,
we will only return to each other
with greater force.
dear i love you
only the way a ball falling to the ground could.
stay in, my dear
and have planetary love.

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