April 18, 2010
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Burning through the walls,
A summer day arrives
You walk through the halls,
Trying to match eyes
I slap them away,
Yet you keep walking
The sun is
Killing us both

As the burning sun leaves,
So do you
I laugh with victory
I laugh with pride
But I am much older since then
You left on a ship,
That I haven’t seen yet
Until my time arrives
Stepping on leaves one day,
And snow
On another

I break your chains,
But you don’t leave.
I see that smile,
Through this winter sight
I wave goodbye, with both hands.
Let the music play throughout this night!
The snow crunches under my feet,
To freeze my shoes
Leaving is cold,
But arriving is always warm
You leave on an ice boat,
And arrive in the sun

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