It's hard to keep a clear mind

April 18, 2010
Every time my mind starts to clear
Something comes in and shrouds it once again
I can’t think clearly
I can’t see straight
Im blinded by my worries
My doubt
My fears
I can barely breathe
The pain is just too much
I thought I wouldn’t loose to my misery
I guess I was wrong
But not only about that
I seem to lie to myself
I say things that never come true
But does it even matter
Does anyone even care what becomes of my life?
I try to stay strong
But sometimes I just can’t
I try to smile
But it comes up looking fake
Like everything else the worlds come to be
Nothing is truly what it is
Everything seems to deceive you
If you over look even one detail
You’ll never see what’s really
If anything real actually exists
Sometimes my life’s spiralling down
Sometimes it’s climbing upwards
But one thing that’s always the same
Is the longing for something new
Some foreign feeling
Because all
I can really feel right now is pain

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