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Hidden Within Conversation

April 19, 2010
By LittleBritt PLATINUM, Washington, New Jersey
LittleBritt PLATINUM, Washington, New Jersey
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we were subconciously falling in love with our lives.
as one.
we were told, as we experienced but we never believed.
and miles down the path,
we opened our eyes and saw what everyone told us
we never thought we'd see.
discussions grew and past times became concrete in the pit of our hearts
wings grew with out futures in
knowledge blossomed in times we felt were innocent.
We confront each memory with love and refuse to let go.
Conversation never felt so true.
It's all we ever wanted in one
split second
of intoxicated fate.
footsteps crept upon forbbiden trails
the truth came out beneath the lies
and pain covered the surface of all we were afraid to admit.
Reality is and was
hard to confront
thoughts gone unsaid become a fantasy worth second guessing.
escaping is the only way to let the story unfold.
oblivion flows like silent rivers we chose to ignore
we sheild them with the glistening of hazel grays and vibrant blues
emotions fell unexpected with the mentality we set up for our happiness
the dreams that dripped from perceptions to finger tips
to become and endless cycle of give and take
makes us question the sanity we know we give each other,
bitter sweet perceptions intise the growth of our souls.
understanding seeped within the silence when we drifted deep into wonder.
question after queston in every battle to win the war.
one sided selflessness took a dive too shallow.
anger welled in the depths of all that was misconstrued.
but where is the other side when blame come about?
lost and broken
hung up in the midst of questions gone unanswered.
avoidning unity preped for self doubt spilt equally
communication dwindled to a race within the minds
never spoken
never availed
poisoned by fear.

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