I Remember

April 19, 2010
I remember when we climbed the lighthouse in Virginia
Up up up into the blue sky
The color of your eyes and mine

I remember our first trip to Chicago
We went on the train for the first time
My favorite doll in tow
You looked down and smiled at me
As soon as those red awnings and white star came into view
Some of my best memories are with you

I remember taking walks after dinner
As we passed each house you had a story to tell
You would say "your mother's friend used to live here"
Or "they're going to rebuild over there"
So now your memories are my own

When you babysit you are always so calm
Even when the babies are screaming you still have the patience
To listen and hear me
I look up to and admire you

I remember looking through your old photo albums
I remember the look on your face as we passed each picture
I remember the sound of your voice as you told me the stories and memories
Of your childhood life

I remember all the time I have ever spent with you
And I treasure every minute
I will always love you

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