You Wait

April 19, 2010
By Anonymous

how long does it take to wait for the flower to sprout,
to mature, to have lasting beauty that is not forever because it soon withers away
and creates another,
how long have we been waiting for this cruel world to change its sadistic ways?
we wait for the sun to rise,
for the sun to set,
and again we wait for the moon to glow,
to shine its beauty across the midnight silence,
we wait for the arrival of a new born baby to be brought into what we call Life,
if this is life, then why do some wait for death?
many people wait for that check at the end of the week,
for food to be put on the table,
some wait for a home, shelter,
we wait for our mind to be made up,
our phone to ring, a text to pop up,
waiting for new shoes, new clothes,
for school to come, for it to finaly end.
we wait for our friends, so we dont have to be all alone,
and now look at what most of us are waiting for, longing for,
why do we wait for love?...
when we already are flourished with it,
for love is everywhere, even in hate,
we wait for the right kind of love,
and yet again we wait for the day when we are loved back,
somewhere, everywhere, anytime, we all wait, whether we are patient or not.

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