A Life Of Crime

April 19, 2010
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after all this time,
i finally got the rhyme,
you commited a crime,
you must pay,
not with clay,
but your life,
with a knife,
behinds bars,
no more cars,
no more scars,
for me that is but for you no more freedom,
all you are is a scar,
you acted dumb,
just like crume,
off the street,
with lots of heat,
you deserve to be a bumb,
for what you did,
with that kid,
your a whore,
and like a sore,
theres always pain to gain,
you left a scar upon that kids life,
you made him kill his wife,
your just a strife,
after this you havnt been the same,
im always the one with the blame,
you always claim that life goes on,
at the dawn,
your just a scar,
in the pit of tar,
you just rhyme

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