Cross of Truth

April 19, 2010
By bigbraindude BRONZE, Searingtown, New York
bigbraindude BRONZE, Searingtown, New York
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Dyed Easter Eggs

Chocolate Bunnies

Sugary Easter Peeps

What is Easter about?

Have we? Have You?

Missed the whole point

Easter is not just about

Easter Bunnies or Eggs,

It is about the Cross, The ransom, the exchange Jesus was,

For our sins, he was Crucified, Nailed upon a tree, People spat and cursed

But Jesus asked God to forgive us, like a rose trampled on the ground

He took the fall and saved us. Easter is about celebrating Life

Eggs represent Life

3 Nails + 1 Cross = Forgiven

Jesus died on the cross

and resurrected from

the grave Overcoming

Death with sinless life

He loved us so much

To go through this painful

Death and rise up again

To take away our sins

So that we can Have Hope

That’s our loving God

Thank you for the Cross

Having the Hope of Easter

Is what life is all about

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