Imagine That

April 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Imagine ruling the streets
when the hand of g-d meets
the thought of a dream
he says there's no "I in team,
you can't do it without me
you need me
you can't do it without me."

Imagine cruising on the water
with your father
your mother
your brother
and your
Imagine no welfare supporters
and the days are shorter
when nights get colder
you feel like your life is over
then the angel of death strikes
like a cobra

Imagine if I was a fan
sitting in the scorching sun getting a tan
and all you had to do was be a man
and kill a lamb
on the floor
and just put his blood on your door
Imagine that's all you had to do to live
what else can you give
the g-d up above
for saving you and your love


Just know that you can't do it without him
just pray to him with songs and hymns
nothing tangible could satisfy him
not money in a bin
so just look up into the sky and give him a grin
and never sin
and you will satisfy him

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