50 Reasons

April 19, 2010
By FuschiaPuma BRONZE, Tonganoxie, Kansas
FuschiaPuma BRONZE, Tonganoxie, Kansas
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Oh, the things I’ve had to say.
All those phrases that fell into place with out want.
But you, you make me say different things.
You get me to say the words that comfort
and the words that love and have compassion.
If I were to tell you everything I felt,
every way you’ve changed me,
I would run out of trees to make the paper to write it all.

But I could, however, give you fifty reasons
to why I love you, and could never let you go.

You comfort me, you make me laugh.
You make me smile, you give me life.
You love me, you care about me.
You’d take me in if needed.
You look deep inside, to find out what’s wrong.
You have a sense to how I am feeling.
You know how to have fun.

When I am down, you lift me up.
When you smile, your whole face lights up.
When I see you, my day is brightened.
When you talk to me, I feel loved.
When I see you smile, it makes me smile.

I have had people come up to me and say
“Ca**** Cal*****? Isn’t she your best friend?”
If I wanted the world, you’d find some way
to get it for me.
We understand each other.
We’ve been through and are going through
a lot of the same crap.
I would do anything for you.

I love the way your hair always looks perfect;
the way you think it doesn’t.
I love how you can never figure out sarcasm.
I love the way you laugh.
I really think your nose is cute.
I adore how you always find a way to make things better.
I enjoy your liveliness.
I love catching you when you need me.
While I’ve been around you,
you’ve changed me.

Now I have found someone to rely on, and I know that I am loved.
Now I have a positive outlook on life, and I keep up a positive self image.
Now I can love without looking back.

You found part of me I didn’t know.
You are loved by everyone and you’re outgoing and fun.
You see the finer things in life and go crazy at the most random times.
You never sleep enough, though I tell you to,
You have a weird thing for Mexicans.

Every time I pass you, I cheer up.
Every single thought I have about you makes me smile.
Every time I am down, I know you’d help me up.
That time I was cold, you warmed me.
That time I was alone, you were there.

All the times you’ve made me laugh.
All the times you said I love you.
All the times you’ve called my name.
All the times you waved hi.
And all the times you’ve brought me home.

Those are fifty reasons to why I love you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for my best friend <3

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on Jul. 9 2010 at 9:21 pm
Annabell SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
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Have you heard the joke about the window? Nevermind, it's too dirty.

Paigie, I like your poem. I think I told you that in class when you showed me but still. . . call me when you get this.


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