Pain Make Me

April 5, 2010
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Ouch that hurts
We’ve all said it and we
Call this pain
Call it by its lean and wrapping name
We all claim to have felt its mind-lashing whip
Or its white-knuckle grip on limbs,

Some hail it indiscriminate, acting on whims
A dizzy indecision swims then strikes,
However pain is enigmatic, static then stricken
And it picks precisely how when and where it
Afflicts the air of our depths,
It will hover atop its flightless wings
Then dive headlong to wring dry mind and eye
Hear men cry, howl high to a now sour sky,
Watch it break through not backs
Because it falls and stacks,
To those not yet wracked with callous,

Because some will write songs
Or lament e’er long,
Trying to deaden the grisly gong
Which rattles, then blurs what we all used to see,

The world has known it, you have, they have, she has, he has
I have…
But I, I firm to its wrath choose another path,
drilling fixing fire on its frozen clutch, I dare to return its unseen touch,
For I love it…
Love it like its rich rumble cant mimic
While the cynic wails I prevail now and
Forever standing strong against these inexorable eddies
Which arrogantly try at this already weathered soul,
Ive felt it grin dripping on my brilliant coal
Attempting, plucking heart-strings uncontrolled,
And it persists, much like I
But this ache will die, its weight will wane
Empty from my veins onto the sped true treadmill turning beneath my feet
Traversing what tribulation I’ve had to meet,
So let me treat this fleeting pain to the sustained step and pound
Of a heart stern and sound, having left the ground to pursue and snare MY holy grail
And until that day these feet wont fail, forever churning to the dogged drum
residing inside, thumping passion,thumping pride, but felt atop skin, because I glow herein,
in this defiance towards pain…
And then i hear you complain, like youre stained beyond the scrub,
like no matter how you rub, YOUR hurt overbears all else harrowed, and i, and we
are suddenly obligated to swarm warmly the unjust arrow you claim to have been hit with
O woe is you!..your whine is petty...i implore you, stand like a jetty does a stalwart to mighty waves
and brave its wrath, become not its slave, return its filthy gaze like i have, and then...
never, never will it harm you, but rather arm your soul for a greater siege and i,
I clench my jaw and stare hard in its ugly face scarred silent everyday everywhere
And I love it…because it cannot love me back, and it cannot break me
Only will it make me
Only will it thicken my concrete hide, never take me
This pain is my pedagogue and I its pupil
Now let it make me,
Into a diamond infinitely sided
Because I love it…

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