You Exist

April 5, 2010
By Finn45 GOLD, Martinez, California
Finn45 GOLD, Martinez, California
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ive realized
that you exist,
that your steps grace
the same gasping earth mine do,
ive realized that your smiles embrace
wide and with charm has already disarmed
my sense of time and space,
ive realized that i hear your steps, those red rose
pedals tapping ponds, flecking soft its surface, quiet gliding calm,
ive realized that i can throw my head back
and find your eyes amongst the glistering nighttime skies,
ive realized that in the merry morning laughter of earth,
i hear your voice in its mirth, telling me to walk out and on
because ive realized...
that youre here or there
and i dare say, you may be a hair or world away,
but everyday i know
that as the sun nuzzles westward to dream
so do you,
and as dark surmounts should i stumble,
your gaze will catch me, guide me true
afar from the night to your voices coo
and the morning will shine like you,
enticing me to spelunk high and deep
so that i may find your smile,
know your touch, our sitting bliss,
because ive now realized,
that somewhere...
you exist

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