You Don't Know

April 5, 2010
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You don't know. You don't know my world. How every day seems so cold. How i wish i couldn't see every day through these eyes. You can say you didn't watch me cry. You can lie. But you don't know. Every day like life is a show. And I'm the star in the circle of light forcing a smile every night. Just to please these people I'm forced to know. Though you say you understand. you never held out your hand for me to take...for me to shake. For me to hold. You don't know. How cold you've become. Shoving me away like I'm some piece of stone broken off from it's home. all alone. So you don't know. You won't know. That's alright. I'll get on with life. You can watch me go.. go on to better things. So why don't you watch me leave...and succeed. For I don't need you to tell me that I've sunken so low. I am something you don't know.

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