My Clockwork Poem

April 5, 2010
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I Sang in the Rain
Now I'm riddled with pain
The Things I've done.. A shame..
Is it now my time to pay?
My Durby Hides me from the day..
At night we all come out to play...
Can't stand to see a Filthy old Drunky Persay...
Now he also must pay..
You Try to rehabilitate me but Am i ever really cured?
The treatment was suppose to help me, to this i was assured.
My free will taken my sanity on the ledge...
Only to push me over the edge..
With some ole Vudwig Van and one final leap
I thought it was my life for the reaper to keep
But, if i had done myself in, my story here would not be told
Now as the carefully alined events unfold
They try to make right what they've done for apperance you see.
They Tried to fix a criminal... That Criminal was me

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