Her Brave Soldier

April 5, 2010
A sorrow so deep,
as if it would last forever,
never again would she see happiness it seemed.
Locked inside herself,
with only her thoughts to keep her company.
No one knows the agony she feels now that he is gone,
the only things she has now are the memories of him.
She sits solitary in a dark room,
praying he'll come back,
watching his face dance through her head.
She will never be able to forget,
nor does she want to,
because he is always present in her mind.
Her sadness turns to anger,
she can bear the bitterness no more.
She wants to be strong again but his absence forbids it.
She sleeps never again,
not without his strong arms draped around her.
Her glistening ring forever reminds her of what could have been.
As tear drop after tear drop fall upon it,
it only sparkles more.
Her anger rises and for a moment,
she finds herself again,
but instead of the girl she used to know,
she became an unforgiving person,
all kindness and generosity gone.
She dared herself with danger,
she tried to erase him from her mind,
but that could never happen,
it only made her hate the world more.
She was a hurt soul among millions, whose true loves were taken as well.
She didn't understand why the world was so cruel,
as to take away her beloved.
He'd been brave, fought for his country,
but his life had been taken alas.
It wasn't fair, but she had to live with it,
for she didn't have the strength to take her own life.
As the years passed she learned to deal with it, but remained the same lost person.
She met someone as hurt as her, and clung to him.
He was her only happiness,
the only reason she could bear another day.
She found herself falling in love with him,
and guilt washed over her when she slipped the ring off her finger.
She let two more tear drops fall upon it before she tossed it away,
and went to meet her new source of happiness with a smile on her face,
to mask the sadness she truely felt.
She slept for the first time in years,
in his arms she layed content,
but in the back of her mind she wished it was her first love she was laying with.
That night she dreamt of him,
taking her hand and forever being with her again.
The dream seemed so real,
she took his hand and followed him into the clouds.
The next morning, as the eyes of her new love,
and all others in the world opened,
hers did not.
She died peacfully with a smile on her face,
for now she could be with her brave soldier forever,
and never again would she cry.

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