The Test

April 5, 2010
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Yesterday I did not have time to study for this test
Or I did, but I wasted my time
So now my pencil is tapping on the desk
Wishing that I could do just fine
I strongly dislike tests
I’m desiring to could run and hide
But I am stuck inside this tiny room with people by my side
My knowledge is an empty plate
I am trying to find my inner Hermione Granger
Because if I fail this test my grades will become some stranger
Yesterday I had a good time but today is going to be bad
Because after the teacher grades this test my parents are going to be mad
I panic as I stare at the clock and realize the end is coming in two more minutes
And I jealously stare at all the completed tests being turned in by their worthy students
I am very sorry teacher, because I did not pay attention
I barely stayed awake in your class so please do not give me a detention
Every class was like a jail so studying was no use
And taking a test for this subject can be counted as abuse
And now my mind is racing thoroughly of thoughts of words and definitions that I can’t remember
So I fill in the bubbles very randomly because I officially surrender

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