No Such Thing

March 28, 2010
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There’s no such thing as true love.
Love is lust in disguise.
Trust is a figment of imagination feeding upon willful soles.

There’s no such thing as a 5th chance,
You’ll be lucky if you get a 2nd.
Broken hearts never heal,
And those who break them are never sorry.

I use to hate the color red,
But now I find myself loving it.
The color comforts me… knowing I’m not the only one drenched in red.
Sometimes pain is the only way you can feel better about greater pain.
And those who told you that aching in your heart will go away were lying.

We wear the color black to hide our sins.
And as I look around I see more and more of it.
I find myself choosing darkness over light.
We choose loneliness over people.

Guys will never tell the truth
And people will never be honest.
There’s no such thing as forgive and forget,
We have forgiven a lot and forgotten none.
Guys break everything they have,
And leave nothing behind.
There is no such thing as a sweet guy.
No such thing as someone who cares about you.

Ever since you were little people have lied to you.
Your head aches will never go away,
Just like your heart aches will always be filled with pain.
You hold your head high and stand blinded as someone pushes it back down.

We’re all in depression, mentally challenge with something.
All dieing alone.
Don’t be afraid of Hell because you’re already here.
God can’t save you from the devil,
And I fear that I have been taken over by him.

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