The Descendant From Heaven

March 28, 2010
By ErosMethod GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
ErosMethod GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
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With our people for an audience
A portion of the sky lit a gold light
And out fell the body of a soul long lost
With a burning mask of empty darkness bestowed upon him
He dropped from the gray skies slapping at his face
Screaming with anger and agony
The rest of his mirrored human-like body in suffering

His black mask of emptiness
Saved him from a sight of humanity
For he could only see through the eyes of his existence
The eyes of a human

A bleeding screech of torment pierced senses
And a malicious swaying voice echoed the skies, shouting "I am the end"
For only the true evil could hear it
The people whispered back "it is you"

And The Earth was torturous
Lightening struck the ground
The trees roared furiously about
Thunder rang heads with the shrieking wind
Debris filled the raining skies

Suddenly the burning face began to fill
And the body in the firmament began to mutate
The man was anything but good
With a river of white hair straightening down his neck and spine
His pale white skin and blue diabolical eyes shook everyone's beliefs
And in an instant the mysterious figure turned back
Into the man with an empty burning head.

With one last scream of anguish
The Descendant from Heaven disappeared into the abyss below
Everyone whispered "We are the end"
And The Earth was calm…

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