Nothing Future

March 27, 2010
By keyoka SILVER, Mckinney, Texas
keyoka SILVER, Mckinney, Texas
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It's haunting me--
The echo of my doubts
The constant feeling of a nothing future
This frozen place of badness I'm trapped in
Seeing all the life that's better
Not in my nothing future
I strive to not make repeated mistakes
But the path I take no better
With each summer turning into fall and winter
And I remain frozen in the same icky badness
With no way of pulling out
All I know means nothing, I know this,
Yet I work to know more
Unable to decide this expected great future
Only expecting this current state more
I can't afford not to have a tomorrow
But all my todays remain the same
Swollen fat with thick badness
Nowhere's where my future's at
Part of me wants to see where I'm taken
But what if it's just back to where I started?
As my future foretells,
Is probably where I'll be at

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