Lightning MAG

March 27, 2010
By keyoka SILVER, Mckinney, Texas
keyoka SILVER, Mckinney, Texas
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Lightning spins the dark night skies
Splitting the streets
Widening the eyes
Striking through all the fakeness
Presented by the lost souls
Who stand so strong and bold
In stupidity –
Lightning shakes and shivers the spine
And grasps onto the blood that rumble
And wreaks havoc on the mind
It screams the agony that no one hears
Of life long lost and forgotten fears
Crying tales that floated from the ears
And vanished in the air
Striking mercilessly,
Lightning empties the heart
Carries away past pain
Fills the mind with only itself,
The epitome of narcissism,
Then leaves, as if a dream,
Leaving the earth shaken
And the heart to slow itself

The author's comments:
I wrote this one night on my ipod's notes section in my mom's room with my sisters because we're all big chickens and it was raining and thundering really hard outside...

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