where i am from

March 27, 2010
By , sherman, TX
i am from denison,
from dead-end roads and useless buildings,
i am from being afraid to going back to the place that used to be my second home,
(violated, sickened)
it tasted like a betraying of trust,
i am from gang ridden streets,
and sitting alone in the driveway,
that used to prtect me from their last argurment,
as if they thought i couldnt hear,
i am from rainy days and emotional torture,
i am from ken and crissy,
i am from tucking myself in and crying myself to sleep,
and the past everyone tries to forget but cant help but remember,
from the "doit yourself" and "im busy",
im from the "im not on drugs",
with an avoided look in the eyes and no proof,
i am from connie and danny's branch,
from her wine and his sickening i love yous,
from another divorce,
to my last court date wen i was so young,
to the forver loved stuffed dog i held on to on the stand,
shaking as the monster smiled at me as he trid to deny wat he did to me,
the memories in my head,
to remind me of the once trusted grand father,
who is now the only thing i fear,
innocents taken before i knew it was there,
run far, far away
afraid of the family tree

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