Your Filthy Lies

March 27, 2010
By Kaitlyn_Faith SILVER, Edgewood, Texas
Kaitlyn_Faith SILVER, Edgewood, Texas
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My mind is filled,
With an unparalleled saddness.

You have left,
and are not coming back.

You told me you loved me,
and then you said you hated me.

I cannot let,
myself be hurt again.

I am always in fear,
of being hurt.

And now,
I have a reason for my fears.

I am crying in my mind,
trying to understand.

I cannot believe that I was so foolish,
As to believe your filthy lies.

I am crying,
trying to understand why'd you do something like that to me.

I guess you don't love me,
and I guess I don't understand your reasoning.

So goodbye forever,
I'll never forget your filthy lies.

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