The Fun Part

March 27, 2010
swift motion.

Through the living room
up the stairs
I stop
I turn

Another motion
I spin on my heels
the door flies open

And I fall
onto my bed
I let go
I cry

A happy
truthful cry

My best day ever
was so simple

I was with him
all day
he kissed me
he meant it
but I don't know
if he really loves me

He says he does
but I don't know what hes thinking

But not knowing
is the fun part
having faith in him
is the fun part

But I can't help but wonder
Is my faith wasted?

The fun part
Isn't the kissing
Isn't the hugging
its not the way he holds my hand
fingers fitting perfect
into mine

The fun part
is not knowing
about him

Not knowing
how much he means it

I don't know
if he still
about her
that girl
that seemed to ruin his life
while being
the biggest part of it

While is was
off to the side
that I could never have him
until she was out of his life

I can't believe that she had to move to

For him to realize
Its me
who wont be like her

But i don't take him for granted
it took years
for him to see me
and thats okay with me
as long as he sees me

Because I just know
he loves me
I just know

I love him too.

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