March 27, 2010
By PeaceLoveRetro BRONZE, Lafayette, Louisiana
PeaceLoveRetro BRONZE, Lafayette, Louisiana
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Reality is something we can't ignore
It's something we have to live.
You could hold a grudge against someone
But soon you'll have to forgive.
Cause years go by and make you forget the things that you've been through.
You can't take back the things you've done so what else can you possibly do?
I'll admit that I once held a grudge against an unforgivable foe.
I wanted to run away
But there was no where else to go
I didn't let it control my life,cause that would be stupid of me
I didn't want to be perfect,but I wanted to be all I could be.
So I tried to manage my anger and forgive the ones I couldn't stand.
But things weren't what they seemed to be,things didn't go as planned.
I want you to guess the reason.
Wait,I'll give you a hint.
It may or may not surprise you
But it sure had me bent.
My very own enemy befriended one of my own friends.
They turned their backs on me and I was all alone in the end.
No one by my side, no one to have my back.
I'd realized that I'd just been turned on.
I stood alone with no one.
I ended up feeling depressed.
I couldn't believe what had happened to me
But it happens to the best.
So if this happens to you,it's no reason for you to cry.
You live and you learn
And sometimes you get burned.
But you'll forgive as time goes by.

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