Heart the Size of Haiti

March 27, 2010
By kattty SILVER, Whitinsville, Massachusetts
kattty SILVER, Whitinsville, Massachusetts
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I miss your smile
Those chocolate brown eyes
And an accent thick on your lips
You were my personal sunshine

I didn’t know your life
But I didn’t have to
All I knew was that perfect
Wasn’t something that you wanted to catch
I didn’t feel the need to change
And you were the spark
That lit me on fire

I slipped a note into your hand
Because I couldn’t just leave it all behind
Your heart the size of Haiti
I found I was capable
Of loving a stranger

But you’re not a stranger anymore
And I hurt for you because
Your heart tears at the seams
As your life is falling apart
Choices dwell in the air
And your choice is taken away

Where is the one you worship, gone away it seems
Your cries fill the night sky
Tears more numerous than stars
My world breaks a little
Just thinking about you

All you did was love
You gave and gave…
You didn’t get much in return
Broken, bleeding, you search desperately
For the one who promised to never desert you

Your life crumbles
Like the brick buildings that broke their promise
To stand forever
Your perspective is altered
And the sky doesn’t seem so blue anymore
You always had a grip on reality
But that doesn’t mean you won’t lose everything
That you held onto

Yet here you stand
Broken and bleeding
Waiting for salvation
Waiting out the empty nights
For something you aren’t even sure of

Your heart the size of Haiti
I found I was capable
Of loving a stranger

The author's comments:
I went to Haiti this past summer and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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